About Us

Cure Progeria is part of the new breeze joining the Start-Up Britain of 2011, taking the plunge of “Go for it!”. Here you are – we meet the new world facing the challenges together in our stride.

I must have been 11 or 12, definitely year 6 then, when I first came across the images of the children affected by this rare disease, called Progeria. I forgot most of the details even including the very name of what this disease was, whilst I was busy growing up doing my own stuff at school and at home.

Never forgot how it felt inside me when I saw them on television sat down with my parents. Then time flew and here I was in Oxford learning about gene expressions, developmental cycles, signal transduction and sequences with just how many experiments went wrong in my inexperienced hands and untrained fingers on the bench in my very first year (they had only been used to play the piano other than normal school work up until that point, apparently).

Somehow, (that is a big somehow definitely!!) it turned around and I was confident, on top of my world and fell for these little creatures called Dictyostelium. They don’t look at all like us human you can only have a proper look at them under the microscope. When the least expected (cliche it is), I was seeing the connection between a mutant strain of Dictyostelium and what I had seen much earlier in my life of the little, wrinkled and beautiful-eyed children.

I was very lucky that there were some professors who decided not to kill the idea (discussion), when I stood up for myself against a very seriously important professor in the field. Something that I would always be grateful for to my dear university.

Cure Progeria is nothing else but the continuation of my gratitude to my parents and to my university of those wonderful professors who kept me.

This expression of my gratitude goes further to a few of the most amazing people who are standing by me with this company, giving me the confidence and their trust. So keep an eye on Cure Progeria and come along with us on this journey! Are you excited?

mama and meMy mother with me in June 2014 and my Dad behind the camera 🙂


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