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Published 21/07/2011 by Cure Progeria Ltd

Cure Progeria Limited is a registered company (No. 7614981) in England and Wales since 27th of April, 2011 to find a cure for young patients suffering from Progeria. This is often classified to be one of the (ultra) rare genetic diseases and under the category of Orphan Drug Designation. Progeria patients typically experience premature ageing in the first decade of their life span, which result in an accelerated ageing of the internal organs as well as the external counterparts, notably their skin and hair. Some may survive till later teens but this is a rarity amongst this patient group.

Progress has been made recent years including clinical trials involving a protein molecule of which activities are modulated by farnesyltransferase(inhibitors). Cure Progeria Limited approaches this accelerated ageing process (circa Progeria), in view of an alteration occurred to the developmental cycle governing human growth and ageing, perhaps conceivably life expectancy.

Shown above is an example of the genomic approach to be taken on board for finding a cure for Progeria patients.